Control Vest

Made from a comfortable cotton and rubber fabric, Divafit’s Control Vest is specially designed to reduce inches from your waistline, lift the breasts and flatten the tummy. In addition, it provides superior back support while improving posture. Feminine details like the adjustable bra straps put you in total control and provide you with the ultimate body shaping experience.

Specific Benefits:
  • - Instantly reduces your waist
  • - Lifts your breasts
  • - Improves your posture
  • - Provides back support
  • - Assists in weight loss
  • - Helps in post-partum recovery
How to Wear:
  • 1Insert your arms into the straps and adjust the vest so it’s centralized with your back.
  • 2Then, firmly pull the two ends together at the waist. Starting at the very bottom, begin fastening and work your way up until all clasps are secure

This product is warrantied against factory defects for up to 30 days from date of purchase. Item must be used as intended. The correct sizing is the responsibility of the purchaser.


Use only a couple of hours to start and then increase slowly. Do not wear longer than 8 to 10 hours at a time!

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Available Sizes

XS - 2XL

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